Stuck in a tree

People come to counseling when they’re stuck.

Sometimes they just need a little bit of help; sometimes they’re completely lost. Whatever they’ve tried before, they’re still not where they want to be. Dr. Ann’s task is to assess the situation and to try the simplest things first: show them how to use a compass, give them a map, or provide some supplies and nourishment. Sometimes she walks with them for a ways. In the end she waves as they walk away, knowing that if they get stuck again, they’ll know what to do and who to call.

Some people simply need to be told what to do and will do it. Others expect the therapist to do the work to heal them. Actually, either kind of person can be helped. Some therapeutic processes, those that rely more on the will and conscious mind, are more amenable to the first kind of person. The second kind of person benefits more from methods that use the power of the subconscious mind. Dr. Ann works with her clients to formulate a treatment plan that takes into account their needs and goals as well as their preferred style for reaching them.