About Dr. Ann

Dr. Ann McDaniel

Dr. Ann thinks that in order to really change you need to act, not just alter your thinking.

Dr. Ann has been counseling professionally for twenty years. Her clients are teenagers and adults with all sorts of problems. Some are simply dissatisfied, wanting to make a change but not knowing how or what. Thinking about the problem, talking it over and planning a solution are all preliminary but do not result in actual change. Dr. Ann believes in making each session count, that a person can benefit from therapy whether they come once or many times.

People come to counseling because whatever they’ve tried before, they’re still not where they want to be. Dr. Ann’s task is to assess the situation and to try the simplest things first: show people how to use a compass, provide a map or some supplies and nourishment. Sometimes she walks with them for awhile. In the end she waves as they walk away, knowing that if they get stuck again, they’ll know what to do and who to call.

Professional Experience

Dr. Ann is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL-MH3440) with a master’s degree from the University of Central Florida in Counseling and a Doctorate from Southern California University in Psychology. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NBC#32454), a Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (NBCCH #1836), a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor (NAADAC #502019). She has specialized training in the treatment of Compulsive Gambling and Sexual Addiction and has met State requirements as a Sex Therapist. She is currently in private practice in Altamonte Springs. Dr. Ann is also certified as a Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health Counselors.

Check Dr. Ann’s license to practice Mental Health Counseling with the Florida Department of Health or verify her National Counselor certification by searching “McDaniel” in Florida.

Professional Memberships

American Counseling Association
Association for Addiction Professionals
National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
National Board for Certified Counselors